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  • Título Original : Deja que el perro maneje
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  • Los autores : Will Bevis
  • Idioma : es
  • Fecha de lanzamiento : 18.12.2013
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  • Ebooks de calificación : 3.8 de 5 (35 votos)


Note: Will's first full length 600 page novel - "Boogie: A Devil's Life," is available now on eBook for Kindle...
"A great read... I really liked the ending."
Search Amazon.com for the title: "Boogie: A Devil's Life"
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It is also available in paperback...
About the Author:
Will Bevis is a prolific writer of short, sometimes very controversial "Slice of life" stories, articles, essays and memoirs that make you feel you are right there, experiencing the story as it it happens. His best known story is the Top One Hundred Free for Kindle story, "The Killing of Train-Man Brown." He has written over one hundred shortstories including, "Then Her Wig Fell Off," "Let the Dog Drive," "Blackbird," "Supply and Demand," "Daddy's Playing Dead," and many, many others. Many are also available as audio books.
About "Boogie: A Life With The Devil."
This full length novelgrew out of the Five Star short story, "Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time."
Itfollows the little boy from that first meeting with the devil, all the way through his life... until the surprise end.
Meet "Bill the Blackbird" and "Boogie McCain" and a host of other interesting characters...
As the devil never gives up in trying to get Boogie to sign away his soul... in return for fame and fortune...
and a few other things as well!
One reviewer called "Blackbird..." A must-read treasure, December 24, 2012
By Henrietta Lala "herbalwiz" (St. Martinville, LA) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Blackbird: A Boy Meets The Devil For the First Time (Kindle Edition)
I've been reading about 70 years and Blackbird is one of those rare nuggets of pure gold in a whole mountain of clay . It plays out like the blues, full of riffs and bass and gravel that spin themselves into a mirror of soul not ashamed to get down and dirty and come up dragging us into a light we refused to open our eyes to before. Don't let the stomp and shuffle and guffaws fool you into thinking it's not about you, you ain't gonna get off that easy. I was in Gadsden Alabama for about three months in 1958, and he's not telling any lies. It was my first experience with deep southern segregationist views. A great morality tale told by a masterful and powerful writer about a very unique character.
About this story:
Deja Que El Perro Maneje
Escrito Por Will Bevis
Copyright 2012 Will Bevis
Traducido Por Emiliano Reynoso
Tambien En Espanol:
El Espejo de Navidad:
La Ultima Carta de Papa Noel Para Una Maraveillosa Nina.

Deja Que El Perro Maneje
El perro era hermoso
Pero había un problema
No podía tener cachorros
Alguien mas pensaba que el perro era realmente lindo
Un dia la dueña lo dejo salir por el jardín del frente y el perro desapareció
Habia mucha tristesa
Aunque eso no importaba, por que ni tantas lagrimas harian regresar al perro.
Pero el tiempo si.

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